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For a long time, accounting and bookkeeping professionals have asked for bite-sized content. There is a growing demand for content in the right format and a need to help overcome accountants' and bookkeepers' concerns about investing too much time in marketing, business development and other areas around growth in their firms.

Many areas of practice development are ones accounting and bookkeeping professionals want to master but are just too busy delivering the day-to-day aspects of what they sell for a living. 

So many accounting and bookkeeping professionals I know have asked themselves the question of how long can they continue to rely on providing a set of accounts and a tax return for a living. With automation from tech firms being just the push of a button away, this has driven many professionals to request online, bite-sized content they can consume at their own pace.

Many have asked for a self-study way to understand the content they do not have time or the resources to consume in any other format such as in-person training or consultancy.

Welcome to Your Firm's Future

The Bissett Vault has been designed to bring you a range of practice growth content, based on proven methods that you can implement in your firm today.

You are very welcome to enjoy the free content or look at courses individually which are the right fit for you at this point in the progress of your practice. 

This is the first online digital store specifically for accountants and bookkeepers looking for bite-sized chunks of practice development which are easily accessible at their own pace and to suit all budgets.

On this basis, I invite you to come and explore, sample and choose at your leisure the content that’s right for you.

One thing is for sure.

Of all the courses developed, none of them is theoretical, all of them have come from what has been proven in over 1800 practices worldwide over the last 26 years.

The only thing stopping them from working for you is your own decision to invest in them and implement the teaching. 

Welcome to Your Firm’s Future, go take a look.

Invest in Your Firm

Be the caring, proactive professional in your practice

  • Win New Business

    Learn how to approach referral sources in a new way and win new businesses with the clients you really want, when you want

  • Improve Cashflow

    Never again suffer from cashflow issues by using this proven content immediately and see a huge ROI in the short term

  • Create Lasting Success

    Invest in your firm's success and strive to be the proactive and caring firm making a difference to your clients' lives

What's Included?

  • 50+ full-length courses with new courses & updates added regularly

  • Practice development courses covering fee growth, lead generation, marketing, pricing and more

  • FREE resources are available to get you started and you can access some courses for as little as $9.99

  • Access to over 350+ practice growth resources ideal for partners, principals and rising stars

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Is the Bissett Vault Right for Your Firm?

Aspire and achieve practice growth

Do you want unlimited access to over 350+ resources collated over 25 + years of my professional expertise in the accounting profession?

Do you want growth in your firm and achieve your potential?

Do you want to be the best proactive and caring accounting or bookkeeping practice and be a true advisor who cares about their clients? 

Do you want on-demand advice from Martin Bissett, advisor to accounting firms and practices spanning over 26+ years so your firm doesn't make the same mistakes of other firms gone before you?

Do you want to do the very best for your clients and stop relying on referrals and compliance work?

If you answered yes to those questions, then the Bissett Vault is right for your practice.

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Meet Martin Bissett

Founder of The Bissett Group

Martin Bissett is the founder of the Bissett Group of companies that provide practice and personal growth communities, content, and continuing education exclusively to the accounting and bookkeeping professions worldwide.

Previously he established a high six-figure consulting firm while serving as a keynote speaker with over 100 one-off and repeat engagements to his name, as well as becoming the most published author on his topics of specialism with 11 books including 1 bestseller.

Since 1998, he has played a major part in working with over 1800 accounting firms in over 40 countries. These projects have led to those firms acquiring over £500m of recurring fees before inflationary increases, referrals and upselling are factored in. He stopped keeping track of this number over 5 years ago.

Martin now advises both accounting practitioners and FinTech companies alike, at board level.  

Bissett Vault Recommendations

  • "Tremendous value for money"

    This is a clear pathway to success. There is huge value in what is being presented with valuable resources to educate you on the 'how'. Tremendous value for the money, excellent actionable content and superb support.

    Kay Westmorland

  • "It's great to have a blueprint to follow"

    What I find most valuable is it breaks down advisory into manageable steps. The Bissett Vault has so much to offer that it's great to have a blueprint to follow. There is so much information and guidance to work with all at your fingertips.

    Helane Dollinger

  • "A clear-cut strategy in growing my business"

    I finally have a clear-cut strategy for growing my business and building my advisory services. The Bissett Vault courses offer insights into advisory and new technology that will help you streamline your business. You won't regret joining.

    Denise O'Rourke

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